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Visitors to Canada from USA stable; Visitors from China continue to increase


The number of foreign visitors to Canada remained stable year-to-date, a new Statistics Canada report says.  According to the International Travel Service Bulletin, the number of trips by non-residents to Canada totaled 23.6 million year-to-date to November 2012, up from 23.4 million during the same period in 2011.

The boarding USA continues to the biggest source of visitors to Canada, accounting for 86% of all non-resident visitors to Canada.  The number of US visitors to Canada was up 1.1% to 19.4 million year-to-date.  Most US visitors preferred to travel to Canada by car, with 68% of all US visitors arriving by automobile.

Internationally, the number of visitors to Canada from Europe fell 2.1% to 2.2 million.  Visitors from the UK, France and Germany make up the bulk of European travel to Canada.  The number of visitors from the United Kingdom fell 3.7%.  The number of visitors from France and Germany also fell, dropping approximately 1% each.

The drop in European visitors to Canada was more than offset by visitors from other parts of the world.  The number of visitors from China continue to grow.  Over 279,000 Chinese visitors made the trip to Canada year-to-date, up 20% from the previous year.  The number of visitors from Japan rose significantly as well to 226,000 visitors, a 10% increase compared to last year.


Table 4

Trips by residents of countries other than the United States to Canada

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Country Jan-Nov 2011 (number of visitors) Jan-Nov 2012 (number of visitors) Change 2012 (%)
USA 23,364,178 23,637,060 1.2
UK 646,868 622,754 -3.7
France 435,723 432,987  -0.6
Germany 309,825 308,348  -0.5
China 231,997 278,589  20.1
Japan 205,834 226,307  9.9


Source: Stats Canada

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